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Regardless of the sport on which you bet your money, the difference between an occasional player and a more experienced one is definitely the strategy. Tennis is no exception. For this reason we decided to create this page with a series of useful tips for both the more experienced and the new fans of tennis betting. We invite the latter, if they do not yet have an account of open game with an operator, to give first however a read to the main page on the bets on the tennis with the best bookmakers for this sport. The aim of the following paragraphs is therefore to provide the necessary guidance to enable everyone to develop one or more useful methods to achieve successful results through betting


The most important factors to consider before bet on tennis

Below we have listed the six items from which you can not prescind when you decide to bet on tennis. It should be pointed out that believing that the approach is the same as when betting on football is a mistake not to be made. First of all, because football matches have three possible outcomes, as competitions can also be tied. Tennis then lends itself more to a statistical study, a factor that should never be underestimated when it comes to betting. Find out the rest by reading the next steps.

Betting on a tennis match without first inquiring about the surface on which the match is played is absolutely to be avoided. The characteristics of the ground on which the athletes rest their feet, but above all on which the ball bounces, have a great influence on the results of the races. The most common playgrounds are red earth, concrete, grass and synthetic material. Red soil is widely used in Europe and South America and is the base that slows down the ball the most. Concrete fields scattered all over the world, but not comparable to those in grass, are much faster. The latter are those in which the bounces are shorter and therefore require players to execute quickly. The synthetic surfaces can finally be positioned between those in red earth and those in cement.

Important things to know to bet on tennis

Another factor to calculate, directly connected to the playing surface, is the technical characteristics of each tennis player. It is not by chance that the athletes with the greatest physical strength are those who achieve the greatest successes on earth. This is because they are able to imprint great speed to the ball making sure that their own shots are still difficult to receive despite the slowing effect of the ground. A player with a powerful service will go to hell on fast courts like those in grass. To give you an idea, below you will find the peculiarities of some of the most important players in the world.

Check the playground before to place a bet

Among the tips on tennis betting it is impossible not to mention the study of the statistics of each individual athlete. Attention however, because above all the lovers of betting to the first weapons with this discipline could remain deceived by little meaningful data. A superficial reading of the numbers and percentages available might in fact suggest that a player is stronger than in reality or vice versa. To prevent this from happening, pay attention to the number of races on which statistics have been calculated. If you find for example the highest winning percentages attributed to a tennis player, make sure on which and how many tournaments the calculation is based and on which opponents has faced in career an athlete.

Bookmakers Odds for tennis

Odds can sometimes be very deceptive and can be a dangerous trap for less well-informed gamblers. However, playing by them alone is not always a mistake. Clearly, in order to develop a strategy, one must also rely on other factors, but understanding how tennis quotas work is an essential starting point. That’s why we decided to create the table that you find next door and that helps you to better read the odds on the sport under consideration.

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