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Certainly, above all for the beginners, to approach in the world of the horse racing and to start betting on the horses is not so simple. In fact it is huge variables that can influence the result of a run. We see then the majority in detail which are the details to which we must pay attention to do our bets and to maximise our profits in the wins. Here you have a complete guide to learn to bet on horse racing.

Guide to learn how to bet on horses

If you are a beginner and you want to start to bet on horse is better to learn how the horse racing betting works. A horse run might be influenced at several elements, which can influence and change the result of the competition and above all exchange the papers in board for the horse, which before the competition was the favourite.

If you want to become a good bettor of horse racing, as well as knowing the horse lexicon, you must regard some variables, which begin the deepened analysis of different results reached by horses and jockeys. And to hold well in mind elements relative to the competition as:

  • the weather report
  • how is put the traced out one on which the run unwinds
  • to value if the run is flat or to obstacles
  • the type of run: I trot, gallop, mounted trot
  • horse: age, physical conditions, speciality of run, preceding results
  • jockey: has it already competed or won with such a horse? and on which traced out
  • it results be horses that jockeys in the preceding competitions

After having valued all these elements, you can start deciding on which horse to bet. And then you must choose a site you where to inscribe that offers the possibility of doing horse bets and of receiving exclusive bonuses that will motivate you later on to do your thrusts. I

We have drafted a classification of the greatest 3 sites that propose the option betting on the horse racing, with the respective bonuses of welcome to the one who will decide to open a new game account. The classification is to care of the drafting and there remains a personal opinion, which has valued mark recognised, bonus, bet offers and palimpsest as well as record easiness. Attention! The offers might be subject to changes, we advise to value the active promo on the site of the operator. The enrolment is allowed to the alone users 18, Terms and Conditions are applied.

Principal types of bets

Obviously if you do not know a lot about horse racings it is fundamental that you read this article before going on with your points. First of all we must learn which are the bets types.

The Quinté is a type of very popular horse bet. often it is thought that it should be easy to do, but in fact it asks for a good familiarity of the world of the runs of horses. It is necessary to value first of all, as we have said previously:

  • History of the runs
  • Statistics bet on the horses
  • Trainers
  • Jockeys

Inside this mechanism, it is necessary then to find 5 horses that have good possibilities of winning the competition, or however of being placed between the first five places.

You can win even if bet on:

  • the first 4 horses
  • 4 of the first 5 horses
  • the first 3 classified between the horses

It is disputed once in the day, and it is a question of proposing to the bettors designating in order or I lead the first four horses in a run. Very technical but ideal for the bettors professionals.

The advantages are the next ones:

  1. thanks to the bonus offered by the sites you will manage to win also only guessing 3 winning horses
  2. the Quarté combined with the so called Regional excess

Superior least deposit to the Quinté.

Also the tris is a type of very common bet in the world of the horse competitions. It is a question of finding in order or I lead the first three horses in a meeting disputed once in the day.

What is the Handicap

To re-balance the shares of each horse as far as it regards the horse bets, the organizers have been provided with a handicap system, that is to say to assign an advantage to some horses.

There exists a person who has the task of establishing the handicaps and of dividing them. Obviously, the analysis to establish the handicaps is not done at random but it follows exact criteria:

  • age of the horse
  • experience of the jockey
  • preceding performances
  • types of run

Other details to know before to place a bet

Weight of the horse

The rule of flat runs or to obstacles it demands besides:

  • a weight between 46 and 54 kg for 1,55m for the flat runs
  • up to 60 kg for 1,60m à 1,70 metre for the runs to obstacles

Then the weight tends to be calculated for excess for the one who does not arrive at these standard parametres, why too lightly.

–> Read more about Weight and Age

The distance or the horse rcing

To facilitate the departure, the horses are arranged on different lines and they all leave in the same moment:

To the trot, if considering the preceding results we see that a horse is benefited compared to an other, it is possible to give an edge of supplementary distance to give a further advantage to the best horses in the run. This edge might be 25 metres or also of 75 supplementary metres.

How to place a winning bet?

The best way to increase the chance to place a winning bet is to check all the details of the racing.

Find the best Odds

Is always very important to compare the odds in order to choose the best one. The ante post odds are olways the best ones.

Bet on the favourites

The favourite runners are always a good choice.

The best horse racing to place a bet

Which are the greatest horse racing events around for the world? In this list let’s have selected the principal horses competitions to help the new bettors to discover the horse racing world. Here the list of the best :

  • England: Cheltenham Festival
  • England: Grand National to Liverpool*
  • France: Grand prix of Amerique
  • It uses: Kentucky Derby
  • Australia: Melbourne Cup
  • Italy: Palio of Siena

Horse racing betting sites: how to find the best one?

There are some bookmakers that are more focus on horse racing betting. In UK you can find a huge selection as this sport is very popular. The operators that have a horse sections give the possibility to bet on different horse racing, international or not, but also to watch the races.

Where to watch horse racing?

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