How to bet on Big Brother: Tips, Odds and Free Bets

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It is not said that betting is only about sports, many operators today give the opportunity to have fun even with reality shows. Find in this guide more info for those who want to bet on Big Brother.

What is the Big Brother show?

If you think of a reality show, the one par excellence is probably Big Brother, today often abbreviated to “GF” in view of its immense popularity. The format has Dutch origins and the original name is “Big Brother”, translated literally into the boot.

The title of the program is a clear reference to the character of the same name in the 1984 novel by George Orwell, leader of the totalitarian state of Oceania who was spying on citizens through cameras.

To bet Big Brother with knowledge of the cause, however, it is good to know in depth the regulation and development of the game.

The participants of the reality show are ordinary people and unknown to the public, who must try to live together as long as possible, under the same roof, being filmed 24 hours a day by a series of hidden cameras, almost never receiving news from the outside world. There are rare cases in which competitors are informed by the production on particularly relevant news events, such as war conflicts of international importance.

In recent editions, however, in the house were often shown clips of television programs aired a few days earlier, in order to create debate among participants. In any case, telephones, computers, televisions and even watches are banned from production, not only to avoid influence from outside the home, but also to encourage social relations between competitors, that represent the essence of the whole reality show.

Each edition, in fact, presents the formation of couples inside the house, of more or less lasting relationships, of heated rivalries and anything else can entertain the viewer and provide material for background transmissions, also useful for those who want to bet big brother and want to understand who are the favorites competitors.
The initial number of competitors in the first edition was 10, but today can easily reach 15. A record belongs however to the twelfth edition in which you have arrived to a total of 36 competitors, also counting the entrances of the second moment, variable not to be underestimated for betting big brother.
The elimination mechanism has always remained the same and is implemented through the nominations, during which each competitor indicates one or more competitors that he would like to remove from the programme, giving more or less detailed reasons for its decision. It is not possible to name yourself or agree with other participants in the game to determine in advance who should risk to go out or who can save himself. The most voted are then allocated to the outcome of a televoting for several days, until the next evening episode during which the elimination is sanctioned.

Bet on Big Brother: What are the betting options?

Of course, anyone who wants to bet big brother can try to predict the name of the final winner of the program.

The betting options on television broadcasts, however, are variable. Sometimes it is also possible to play a given under or over in relation to the share percentage of the next bet.

Even when the contestants are nominated you can bet Big Brother.

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